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Puckett Serves Mission Trip Sponsorship Program

One of Puckett Serve’s objectives is to promote and support employee involvement and participation on church sponsored mission trips. To promote and support this initiative Puckett Serves will do the following:

  1. Pay 50% of the mission trip cost (up to a maximum of $750) for the employee
  2. Pay 25% of the mission trip cost (up to a maximum of $375) for one immediate family member (spouse or child) of the family member

Further, Puckett Machinery will support this mission trip initiative by providing up to (4)* days additional paid time off (PTO) for participating on an approved mission trip.

* Employees already receiving 3 weeks paid vacation may only receive (2) additional paid time off (PTO) days for participating on an approved mission trip.

* Total “extra paid time off (PTO” time earned from Puckett Serves activities may not exceed (5) days.



  1. The mission trip must be through a local church and must be approved in advance by the Puckett Serves Board of Directors
  2. The employee must attend the entire mission trip.
  3. The employee must submit a short, written report after returning from the trip highlighting the services they performed, what the employee learned, etc.

Note: Employee mission trip support will be reviewed regularly and is subject to enhancement or change without notice.

To request mission trip support, please complete the Mission Trip Support Request Form and return it (preferably by email but printed is acceptable) to John Chesney.


Click here to download the Mission Trip Support Request Form.