Why was this foundation created?

Puckett Machinery has been a blessing to the entire Puckett Family and we have a desire and responsibility to use this blessing to serve the Lord. We believe God intends for us to use these blessings to serve those in need. Further, we believe that “but for God’s grace, we could be the ones in need of help”. Those in need are no different than us; we were simply born into different circumstances by no control of our own.

Like our family, PMC’s employees have been blessed as well. Many of our employees wish to serve those in need but are limited by time, resources, and/or opportunities. Puckett Serves will provide opportunities including time and resources for those wishing to serve. An important aspect of the work of the foundation is to have Christian employees share, through service, the joy of following Jesus Christ. Our hope is that this witness will be evident to all those we encounter.

What type activities does Puckett Serves support?

We are focusing our efforts primarily on needs within the local community. We are wide open to supporting a variety of needs. There is an abundance of need in our local community and we will channel our resources and efforts where we can make an impact.

Additionally, Puckett Serves has created a Mission Trip Sponsorship Program to provide financial support and extra vacation time for employees wishing to attend church sponsored mission trips.

Will service opportunities be during the week or on weekends?

Both. The foundation intends to sponsor regular service opportunities during the week which PMC will provide “paid” time off while serving and also periodic large-scale service opportunities on weekends.

Do I have to be a Christian or attend church regularly to participate in Puckett Serves service activities?

Absolutely not!! All Flowood-Area Puckett employees are invited and encouraged to participate regardless of your faith and/or church membership and attendance.